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This is a tried and true concept. Chances are if you've made it to this splinter group of the mad hp100 to this very, very niche market, then you know what's up.

Now and then, I'll put up a prompt. It would be cool if you wrote for it. You'll get brownie points and... umm... a gold star. Or something. :D


1. You will post to the prompt.

2. All posts will have a Potter in them. Even if it just refers to a Potter. Must be Potter-centric.

3. Anything R or NC-17 must be put behind an lj-cut with appropriate warnings. Think of the children. Or rather, think of the people at work.

4. You must follow this guideline when posting:
    Title: You get what would go here, right?
    Pairing: Some manner of Potter, perhaps with someone else.
    Rating: G, PG-13, R, NC-17.

5. Drabbles must be 100 words in length. No more, no less.

6. No flaming or trolling. This is obvious, and if it's not, then not only do you not belong on this board, your mother should hide your after-school snacks.

7. No crossovers.

8. If you post more than one drabble at any one time, it goes behind the cut. No one wants their f-lists spammed with over-long posts. Be considerate.

9. No fics. Just drabbles 100 words.

10. No pimping other sites. Its all Potter drabble, all the time.

If you don't comply to my demands, I'll remove your post. Make an ass of yourself? You're history.

If you encounter any issues or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the moderator, charlotteschaos

Rules shamelessly stolen and snarked upon by me from draco100.

This community is moderated by charlotteschaos